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With OpenCampus® enterprises benefit from a highly adjustable and scalable business process management platform. Its modern Open Adoption Software (OAS) architecture ensures a new level of flexibility. It has been built to automate your today's and tomorrow's processes. The OpenCampus® software is a comprehensive framework that comes with a constantly growing number of standard business applications such as corporate health programs, internal surveys, compliance training and more. Adjust our standard applications without programming skills or even build your own interlocking processes in minimal time. A complete set of APIs will connect OpenCampus® applications to your existing enterprise applications.

Our Solutions for Enterprises


Track applications, build & nurture a talent pool, find the best employees for your company.

E-Training, E-Learning & Certifications

Develop the skill set of your employees by offering online training & manage external certifications at the same time.


Manage and enforce safety & compliance rules and procedures. We provide workflows and content to ensure your enterprise follows the latest guidelines.

Event management

Plan internal & customer events, manage invitations, reminders & registration and provide collateral to participants.

More Solutions for Enterprises

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An application for managing your company’s recruitment process. Experience a transparent selection process not only supporting your internal process, but also ensuring professional communication with candidates. Define structured job profiles to start the recruitment process. The OpenCampus® module will processes applications according to your criteria catalogue; it identifies the right candidates to enter into the interview process and keeps all relevant departments on track.

While you enjoy uncomplicated tracking functionalities, applicants gain a positive first impression of your company’s professionalism.

  • Transparent, multi-stage selection process
  • Dynamic list view
  • Score-based candidate ranking
  • Form-based communication with candidates
  • Automated build up & management of a talent pool

E-Training, E-Learning & Certifications

Keep the overview when it comes to the management of employee training and create individual development plans. Schedule internal training according to your employees’ performance while keeping an eye on budget plans.

As settings can be adjusted to the needs of each individual and employees have access to all documents, you can set goals and work together on growing the skills of your staff.

  • Structured training process
  • Individual development & training plans
  • Track performance progress
  • Automatic creation of certificates
  • Online training
  • Create individual rules
  • Detailed performance reports


The bigger a company, the greater the challenge to comply with legal requirements and compliance standards.

Internal processes and guidelines are subject to frequent changes. Which change is relevant for whom in the organization? How can you track that everyone has taken the new roles into account? The OpenCampus® compliance module is your repository for rules and procedures. At the same time it manages the communication with the team.

  • Single repository for company wide rules & procedures
  • Auditable compliance processes
  • Predefined content along many legal regulations per industry vertical

Event Management

Plan internal and customer events, manage invitations, reminders and registration or provide collateral to participants. In combination with the OpenCampus® training and certification module you can offer integrated events with live and online content or tests.

The module lets you collect customer leads and process them automatically. Upload leads into your leading CRM tool using the OpenCampus® APIs.

  • Event micro pages
  • Activity reports
  • Integration of online & offline communication
  • Automated reminders & registration

More Solutions for Enterprises

  • Workplace Health Management
  • Management by Objectives
  • Evaluations