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OpenCampus® helps research institutes to use their resources more efficiently: the software provides tools for an optimized use of devices and laboratories. It can also manage scientific scholarships. This way you will benefit from more time for scientific research and institutional development.

Our Solutions for Research Institutions

Application Management

The solution for application management simplifies the professional selection process to find the best researchers.

Lab Management

Efficiently plan the use of your resources, optimize the use of the laboratory equipment.

Clinical Trial Management

Manage data sets containing multiple case studies through customized rules & plan human resources.

Grant Management

Easily manage research fellowships and keep an overview of your scholarship holders & payments.

Research Data Management System

Record & manage scientific data within your organization or in cooperation with multiple other organization.

More Solutions for Research

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Application Management

In OpenCampus®, application and admission processes can be tailored and revised according to individual programs, allowing for multi-level decision structures and feedback loops. Uploaded admission documents can be easily perused and missing documents can be requested with the click of a button. Automated emails increase efficiency in the application process and facilitate a higher quality of communication with your applicants.

  • Transparent selection processes
  • Multi-level selection processes
  • Assessment embedding
  • Rule configurator for registration
  • Dynamic list view
  • Automatic email notifications
  • Individualized rules
  • Individualized forms (smart forms)
  • Export to CSV, Excel, XML...

Laboratory Management

Reduce the level of administrative effort in your laboratories. Manage all utilization agreements and overview all scientific resources.

  • Quality Management
  • Facility Management
  • Technical equipment administration
  • Equipment supply chain integration
  • Workplace & equipment accessibility

Clinical Trial Management (CTMS)

The OpenCampus® Software facilitates the analysis and visualization of clinical trial results. Trials being conducted by multiple institutes can be centrally coordinated & planned. Test subjects can sign up online and upload results.

  • Reports
  • Timetable administration
  • Document administration
  • Cost management
  • Resource management
  • Data management
  • Automated communication
  • Trial visit tracking & scheduling
  • Real time reporting
  • Patient record storage
  • Patient visit scheduling

Grant Management

The OpenCampus® software solution not only helps you to timely identify suitable scholarships but also provides options for online application management. This way you will be able to plan long-term, control scholarship finances and get notified where interaction is recommendable.

  • Reports
  • Individually permutated exams
  • Resource planning
  • Budget administration
  • Application & scholarship management
  • Grant-award tracking
  • Budget & payment tracking
  • Multicenter study billing compliance
  • Payment reminding

Research Data Management System (RDMS)

Important guidelines on handling scientific data include efficiency, transparency, security and sustainability. To meet these requirements the OpenCampus® RDMS offers individual solutions to scientific institutions at all levels.

  • Reports
  • Resource planning
  • Budget administration
  • Application & Scholarship Management
  • Grant & award tracking

The RDMS presents optimal data management for scientific projects: Centralization of all data in one system where automatized processes combined with digital safety mechanisms preclude data misuse and data loss.

Level 1 Online Database

The web based database offers the possibility to access data at any time and from any location. Connect your devices directly with the database, thus you will prevent data loss and save working hours.

Level 2 Customization

Customize the database to your ideas. Having made-to-order structures simplifies work processes. Benefit from personalized user assessment management with the option to specify user rights according to different user roles, thus enhancing security. Furthermore it is possible to track your actions and also change them later on.

Level 3 Combined Data Management

The online surface helps to organize studies that include collaboration between multiple centers. It is also possible to join data from various studies in order to analyze metadata with the RDMS. Interlacing the RDMS with Open Access gives you the additional opportunity to publish your data on the internet.
Level 1
Level 2
Level 3

More Solutions for Research

  • Graduate School Management (GSM)
  • Event Management